Survey for 2018 or 2019 Texas Health Science Conference Attendees

Dear Health Science Teachers Conference 2018 attendees and/or Potential 2019 Conference attendees;

THOA is constantly trying to improve the service that we provide to our Texas health
science teachers. One way is providing a summer conference. This year we also offered sessions at the TCEC winter conference in February sponsored by CTAT. CTAT is the  organization that we partnered with in the past to provide our summer conference.

We just send out information concerning our summer conference in July 2019.
One way we are trying to improve our conference is doing the best we can to
accommodate all our teachers in our conference hotels. In the past two years, we did not
have one single hotel that can accommodate all teachers, and teachers spread were out in
about 15 different hotels in the area. We added another major hotel to the list so that we
will have a space for all our teachers between the 3 hotels and provide transportation to
the EXPO and will add nightly transportation to our conference nightly socials.

THOA has considered finding one hotel that will accommodate all attendees in our future plans, but since we are small and returning to conference planning we are staying in the College Station area because they have a lot to officer us, and in turn we can provide extra items like complementary lunches, polo shirts, and more.

If you were one of the conference attendees that did not stay on at The George or Cavalry Court hotels, I really need your help in finding out the reason why you did not stay. Some of the reasons may be listed below. Can you please email me at and
just send me a short note that that states: “My reason for not staying at one of the 2
conference hotels was reason 1”, or “My reason is 5 because … state why.”

I really appreciate you providing me this feedback, so we can service you better. Also, cc your THOA area director. You can find their contact information at, and click
on THOA contacts.

If you did not attend the 2018 conference but will attending the 2019 conference and will have an issue staying at our 3 conference hotels at the rate of $139 per night, please let me know.

1. The conference was full, so I stayed at our overflow.
2. The conference was full, so I found another hotel on my own.
3. My school district will only pay for me to stay at a hotel that offers the state rate, so
we had to find a hotel that offered the state rate.
4. My school district only contracts with certain hotels and employees can only stay at
those hotels. If, so please state the name of the hotel chain.
5. I always stay at a hotel that I have connections with, so I can earn hotel credit.
6. If there is another reason, please state why.